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Title: In Hiding
Author: Pace is the trick
Fandom: Twilight AU
Pairing: Edward/Carlisle
Word count: 200
Prompt # 67


Edward proposed they meet in person, sending Carlisle into a flurry. It wasn’t that he was unaccustomed to speaking with humans. It was the fact that the last time he had interacted with someone, it had been the salesman demonstrating various apps on his iphone. That had been impersonal at best as the man wanted his money, not his friendship.

It was harder to stay in hiding with a friend.

He racked his brain for a plausible excuse. When he begged off, claiming he was coming down with a cold, Edward proposed waiting a few days until he felt better. He next said he had to go out of town on business; Edward said, “After that, then.”

He spent days preparing. He changed clothes repeatedly, thinking dejectedly that Edward likely was not -- he probably wore rumpled, comfy tees, jeans, and dirty sneakers.

He decided on a simple black suit, white oxford and black tie. He added a black scarf and reviewed the ensemble in the mirror.

He looked like he had just stepped out of another century.

Which I have, he thought ruefully.

Still – there was something there.




He smiled and went out to meet Edward.


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