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This was written for the LJ com [community profile] smpc

Title: Halloween
Rated: NC17
Beta: spoonlessone
Word Count: ~3,000
Plot: Nope
Protagonists: J2

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Tattoos: *counts* 7 so far and I know I want at least 3 or 4 more.
I have a: bloody pentacle on my upper left arm; 'hope' on my inner upper left arm (just above the elbow) in the style of Raintown's Hope In Trouble Times album; a little red heart on my outer left wrist; blue stars on both inner wrists; the home glyph from Stargate on my outer right wrist; 'love' on my inner upper right arm - mirrors the hope one and is in Emma Steven' handwriting
Surgeries: I had a something on my knee when I was younger to deepen the groove my kneecap runs in. It didnt work and I have a scar that looks like a noughts and crosses game!
Broken bones: fractured and dislocated right knee, disrupted right collar bone, broken left wrist, broken left little finger way too many times
Shot a gun: Yup.
Quit a job: A couple, yes.
Flown on a plane: Yup, about five or six times
100+miles in car: Well. Yeah. I mean, hi, I regularly drive like 280 miles to Glasgow to see Raintown
Gone zip lining: Nope, I don't want to
Watched someone give birth: Nope, and I really hope not to
Watched someone dying: Sadly, so. Both my parents :(
Ridden in an ambulance: Three times, I believe
Been to…
Canada: yup, went to Vancouver
Europe: Hi, I live here. I've also been to Ireland, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria, Denmark and Cyprus
Washington D.C: No, but I'd like to
Florida: Yup, I went to Orlando in 2002
Colorado: Nope
Mexico: Nope
Las Vegas: Yup. About 5 times..
Sang karaoke: Yeah, a couple times
Had a pet: I've nearly always had one until I moved into this place
Been downhill skiing: Nope
Gone snowboarding: Nope
Ability to read music: I used to be able to but I've not done so in about 20 years so I doubt I can
Rode a motorcycle: Only on the back
Rode a horse: nope
Stayed in a hospital: A couple times, yes. I was in hospital for months after I was born, for a couple days after the operation on my knee when I was 16, and then a couple days the other year for an upper intestinal infection
Driven a stick shift: Yup
Ride in Police Car: Yup - but I used to WORK for them so...
Driven a Boat: Nope
Eaten Escargot: Nope
Seen a UFO: Nope
Been on a Cruise: Nope
Run out of Gas: Just the once - and it was in a rental car so I didn't know how far I could push it.
Eat Sushi: Are you not aware of my love for Yo! Sushi?
Seen a Ghost: A few times, yes.
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(Wow, assignments came out fast - apologies for not having this up in advance!)

Thank you so much! The thought of a story in any of these fandoms is already making me happy.

I love all of these fandoms unreservedly, so if you have a yen to explore the universe, or bring in additional characters I didn't list, it's all good.

If you want more information about my requests, read on - but please don't worry if your ideas go in a different direction. Optional details are optional! I would much rather read the story you wanted to write than the story you felt you were obligated to write because of something I said. As long as it's for one of these fandoms, and uses the characters, you totally win at Yuletide. \o/

my fic tastes )

Why I love these fandoms

(Alphabetical, not ranked by preference! I love them all. :)

Boston Legal )

Peacemakers )

The Slipper and the Rose )

Tango & Cash )

Valdemar Series - Mercedes Lackey )

I adore all these fandoms, and will be happy with absolutely anything you write, as long as you enjoy writing it.

And thank you, again!!
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Okay, I'm dipping my toes into the Yuletide waters. I've been looking for a few good prompts - or for stories written about the characters I love.

The template here is taken from [personal profile] triplesalto.

Hello and welcome to my Yuletide letter! Thank you in advance for writing for me.

AO3 name: fajrdrako
General Likes: Competence, heroism, adventures, slow burn romance, passionate feelings, first times, five-times fics, happy endings. Good grammar and good spelling and that more nebulous thing, good style, are all very important to me - more important than story content. I love in-character fanfic that makes me feel I know a character better than I did before.

Smut Likes: Detailed explicit sex, sex in which the characters are really eager for it, M/M, F/F, threesomes or sexual groupings of any configuration, bisexual characters, teasing, romantic sex, passionate feelings, bondage, sexual tension and/or delayed gratification.

DNWs: unhappy endings, character death, rape, extreme changes from canon characterisation, explicit gore and violence.

Fandoms: The Unstoppable Wasp (comics), Swordspoint Series - Ellen Kushner, Fantastic Four (Comicverse), Warchild Series - Karin Lowachee, Fantastic Four (Comicverse), Vikings (TV).

Fandom: The Unstoppable Wasp (Comics)Read more... )

Fandom: Swordspoint Series - Ellen KushnerRead more... )

Fandom: Fantastic Four (Comicverse)Read more... )

Fandom: Warchild Series - Karin LowacheeRead more... )

Fandom: Rivers of London - Ben AaronovitchRead more... )

Fandom: Vikings (TV)Read more... )

I might add that these are all guidelines, not rules!
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First off, thanks to anyone who is writing for me. I love Yuletide, but haven't been around for a few years. Looking forward to it.

I'll start with some general things I do or do not like in any fiction, and then get into some specifics for my requests.

Anonymous comments are turned on it you have questions.

Things I do not want in fic

This is pretty short list I'm pretty open, but there are a few things I just don't want to read. I'm not into A/B/O dynamics. I'd rather avoid infidelity as a theme. Sex is good. Food is good. I do not like these things together. Sex and bathroom functions together are also not my cup of tea. Gratuitous violence/gore/death. All of these things are fine. Torture people. Kill everybody. I'm okay with that. Just make it important.

Things I like in fic

I like long plotty fic, when I can get it. I like gen fic that feels like it belongs to the source material. I like mysteries. I like AUs, especially the kind of AU where they still live in the same world, but something happened differently, but I like a good high school or college AU almost as well. I like magic added to realistic fandoms.

I like found/created families. I like it when the characters don't live in a bubble, and the realities of our world affect them. I like relationships that seem like a terrible idea, but just work. I like relationships that seem like a great idea where the characters love each other a lot, but it's just not enough.

I like kids. I like it when characters acquire a child they didn't know about and have to figure out how to be parents. I like what I call backwards relationships where everything seems to happen out of order. They're friends, and then there's a child, and then they're practically married (emotionally, unable to maintain outside relationships), and then they have sex and some time after that they finally admit that they are in a Relationship.

I like my characters to be broken down physically, mentally, and emotionally, and then be put together.

I like happy or at least hopeful endings.

I love backstory and future fic. Show me what made these people who they are or who they become.

One of Us is Lying

I read this book a few months ago, after seeing a description of it as The Breakfast Club with murder. In a lot of ways that's pretty accurate, and I want a lot of the same things out of it. I'm looking to see where they end up. I want fic about where they'll be in 10, 15 or even 20 years.

I'm particularly interested in what happens to Cooper. Does he manage to have a professional baseball career and be an out gay man? Does his family ever really accept him? Does he still have to answer questions about that time everyone thought he might have been a murderer in every interview?

I want to know if Bronwyn & Nate manage to make their relationship work. Bronwyn is soon going to go off to a prestigious university. Nate is barely going to graduate high school. Do they drift apart, only to find each other again, or does the shared experience of Simon's murder keep them apart.

Honestly, I kind of want to know about Addy too. Does she manage to continue on down this path of independence that the murder set her on or does she fall back into thinking that her only value lies in getting a successful man to marry her.

Do the four of them keep in touch or do they avoid each other to avoid having to think about that time?

A Gifted Man

I wish there were more of the series, so probably my top wish from this fandom is just a story that feels like an episode. I want Michael being amazing both at the clinic and at his practice. I want Rita being snarky at him at his real job, and Zeke being snarky, but more playful at him at the clinic. I want Anton pushing at his comfort zone.

I also wouldn't object to an examination of the found family that Michael has absolutely built up by the end of the series. It's been just Michael against the world taking care of his little sister for pretty much as long as he can remember. But she is able to do a lot of taking care of herself now, and maybe even take care of him a little bit too. And like it or not Anton & the clinic staff have made themselves his family, even when he tries to pretend otherwise. And Rita is the best surrogate mother anyone could ever ask for.

Michael with a child would be a very very good thing, whether it was actually his baby, or a child that he somehow ends up with (single mom with no family dies under his care and he can't watch this kid get put into the system), or maybe it's even Zeke's kid or Anton's kid and we get the ship below when Michael ends up helping.

I like Michael shipped with both Anton and Zeke, so either of those would be appreciated too.


I love pretty much everything about this show. But there is nothing I love more than Blaine. I only requested Blaine and Ravi, because I can't imagine it without them, but I like every character.

Really, I want all of the Blaine fic. I feel like there's a good guy deep inside there somewhere, and I'd really like to see him get the chance to come out and not have it ruined. I loved it when he'd lost his memory, and really wish that either it really had been permanent, or people found a way to see past it. I'd love to see a story where Blaine saves one or more of the characters (preferably not Peyton only) at great personal risk and someone changes their mind about him, even if it's not Liv.

And Ravi, I want him to be all science-guy and figure stuff out. Maybe even figure out the cure, but now it's a matter of who wants it, because not everybody wants to be cured. some people want to stay zombies. How does he deal with that? How does everybody deal with that?
I'd love a story where the vaccine he made doesn't work, and so now Ravi is a zombie and Liv has to deal with the fact that she is who scratched him (even though he asked her to).

I'm probably less interested in kid-fic here than most other fandoms, but I would kind of like to see a world where Peyton is pregnant with Blaine's baby. The conflict from the pregnancy alone is probably enough for a story, but fic with the kid later would be amazing too, because everyone would love this child. The kid would have the most over-protective non-biological aunts and uncles in the world. Also, Blaine would be equal parts scared to death and adoring. Scared, because he doesn't want to screw up a kid the way his dad screwed him up, but he would absolutely love his child. Having a baby might just be the thing he needs to grow the hell up and deal with his life too. It wouldn't be easy, and it wouldn't be all sunshine and roses, but the group would make it work.

I'm not super-invested in it, but i kind of ship Ravi/Major and wouldn't object to seeing that here.

The Night Shift

I just realized that there's a pattern to my requests this year. I've got a couple of medical dramas and a couple of zombie shows. Hmm, wonder what that says about me. Anyway, I like this one for a lot of the same reasons that I like A Gifted Man. The stories are interesting, great medical drama, and the characters have this same found family thing going on (with a little bonus relationship drama).

There are a lot of different things I'd like to see in this fandom. Gen, case-fic is great. Something that feels like another episode. I'd like to see some probaly gen, backstory with T.C. & Topher in Afghanistan or Drew there.

This is one of the few times I have ever wished for domestic fic, but I'd love something light and fluffy with Drew & Rick and their lives as parents (with Brianna, or another child, or multiple children). I'd also like to see the harder version of this, where there is so much love, but they also have to deal with the hard realities of being a gay couple in Texas.

I want to see T.C. & Rick interact. Rick took the job to train police about the same time that T.C. signed up to be embedded with S.W.A.T., maybe Rick trained him. Maybe eventually, Rick will help him get back into Drew's good graces. I kind of feel like, T.C. ran off while Drew was angry at him, and without the confrontation they needed to have, things probably won't be any better when T.C. gets back.

I want to see the team either find a way to start over as a group somewhere or for them to be brought back somehow.

T.C. acquiring a child (most likely a kid he didn't know existed from one of the apparently many women he dated pre-series after breaking up with Jordan). I'd love to see him have to finally deal with his shit, so that he can take care of this child, and everyone else helping him to figure it out.

This also feels like an excellent fandom to interject some supernatural elements into. Shifters, magic, ghosts. I'd rather not vampires, but just about anything else.

And he's not available to request, and wasn't in the latest season, but I have undying love for Ragosa, so if we can get him involved, I'd love that too. No real ships for me, other than Drew/Rick, but I'd take Ragosa shipped with pretty much anyone.

Santa Clarita Diet

This is so good. Even my Mom loves it, and she's not so much into things that aren't realistic. I'm pretty sure that Joel is my favorite character, but the kids are pretty close.

Gen that reads like an episode as always is appreciated. Joel coming to terms with the fact that even with "the cure," Sheila will still need to eat human flesh, she just won't continue to deteriorate is a good thing.

Some future-fic where Sheila has had the cure, and she and maybe Abby with back-up from Eric have turned into a much more efficient killing team, also where they figure out good ways to only kill off bad people. So basically they're like Dexter, only they kill to eat and not just to satisfy a desire to kill. Where it's kind of crazy, but it's their normal.

I'm not entirely sure what I want from this show, just more.


Guess what? I'd love gen case-fic that feels like an episode/season of this show. I know, I'm kind of a broken record, but I love these shows so much I just want more of them.

I love the way that Miles and Chandler interact. I'd love to see more of them being them, with Miles pushing Chandler well-past his comfort zone, but always being there for him when he falls. And Chandler pushing everyone to be better, not just at what they do, but just better at everything. I do not want them involved in a romantic relationship.

I feel like this is an excellent fandom to interject supernatural elements into.

I ship Chandler/Kent, and would love to see them get together.
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