Prompt #081.

Minimum wordcount is 100. Please use cut tags and remember to include a header mentioning which fandom(s) and pairing(s) you are writing. Thanks. :D

gleaming golden samovar in foreground with matching cups, also nuts, dates, a fruit bowl. In background, a heavily cushioned sofa between decorative niches filled with dried flower arrangements

A new prompt will be posted at around 9pm EST on the 1st August, (4am on the 2nd August, London time). Feel free to drop a reminder comment here if it looks like I've forgotten.

Prompt #080 responses:

Better than barbiturates by [ profile] saturnatic (rps:pink floyd:roger w/david g)

The due South Matrix by [ profile] ride_4ever (due south:fraser/rayk, x:due south/matrix:fraser/rayk)

If a prompt image belongs to you and you do not wish it to be used in this manner, please contact me and I will remove it immediately. No ownership or copyright is claimed or implied by the reproduction of images in this comm. (Previous prompts can be found here.)


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