Prompt #072

Minimum wordcount is 100. Please use cut tags and remember to include a header mentioning which fandom(s) and pairing(s) you are writing. Thanks. :D

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Prompt #071 responses:
Another Chance by [ profile] periwinkle27 (man from uncle:napoleon/illya)
Lucky Strike by [personal profile] paceisthetrick (twilight:edward/carlisle cullen)

Late response to prompt #67:
In Hiding by [personal profile] paceisthetrick (twilight:edward/carlisle cullen)

Late response to prompt #70:
Black Mirror by [personal profile] paceisthetrick (twilight:edward/carlisle cullen)

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Title: A Girl Called Alice
Author: Pace is the trick
Fandom: Twilight AU
Pairing: Edward/Carlisle
Word count: 300
Prompt # 003

AN: I am working on a History Big Bang fic in which vampire!Carlisle is a pathologist in Worcester State Hospital for the mentally ill in 1918 when psychiatry was trying to establish itself as a legitimate profession. There, he encounters two patients who leave indelible marks on his life. This drabble is about the death of one of those patients, a young schizophrenic girl named Mary Alice Brandon.


A Girl Called Alice )


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